Solar Power Equipment
Supply and Installations of solar power equipment at home and industrial scale.
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Consultation on Alternative Energy
We advice firms, construction engineers, individuals on the best suiting approach to using alternative energy.
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Get a free power evaluation of your facility at any location.
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Take a closer look into how we can help your energy needs.

Asra Energy deals in installations of various ranges of electrical voltage networks, sales and supplies of alternative power supply systems for

  • Homes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Companies.
  • Institutions.
  • Hotels.

we bring a state of-the-art Solar Grid plant. This high performance solar systems offers 99.3% efficiency. It has a high capacity that gives your solar installation increased levels of productivity. Its modular design makes it easy to install operate and maintain, increasing its durability and efficiency.

Despite tough weather conditions. Our solar grid inverter performs at consistently high levels. As it is specifically engineered for harsh environments. Over time we have been able to solve the challenge of unstable power supply for wide range of facilities, ranging from
homes to massive projects in hospitals, companies, factories etc. Creating
an environment for enhanced productivity.

We mix creativity, sustainability with the objective of delivering a unique experience. Always trying to invent something different.

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8 Solid

of Experience.

Creating a brand that emits excellence in service and customer relationship, born out of creativity
and a crystal clear vision into the future.
Mindset which would create a lasting experience on every contact and a drive for excellence.
Trust | Reliability
Our daily operations is guided by very strict values. We do not go to work without them:
• Customer Commitment • Innovation • Integrity • Consistency • Creativity • Trust • Reliability • Loyalty • TeamWork

We research and maximize new ways of creating alternative energy sources banking on renewable and purely natural generation of energy, a Lasting solution to unstable electricity and a profound reduction in energy costs.

Solar Power
Solar Panels, Long lasting Batteries etc
With first rated materials we recommend and execute solar power systems to fight power instability.
Wind Power
In areas where there are large expanses of lands and commendable availability of wind energy, we use this method as a recommended alternative energy. Best for firms in the production line.
Biomass Energy
Energy from waste
Modern forms of biomass energy are methane generation and production of alcohol for automobile fuel and fueling electric power plants, we install and facilitate the installations of such plants in well recommended places.



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Our pride is the mix of creativity and consciousness to  create an environment for enhanced productivity.

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